How to care for your Tillandsia

  • Airplants are very easy to care for requiring just water, light, good air circulation and occasional feed
  • Airplants  take  all  of  their  moisture and  nutrients through their  leaves  via  filaments known  as  trichomes
  • Water your Airplants once a week (more frequently if it is very hot and dry).  The best way to do this is by submerging  your plant  in  water  (preferably rainwater)  so  that the  leaves  are  soaking wet.
  • After  watering gently shake  off  the  excess  making sure  that  none  remains in the centre  of  the  plant  or  at  the  base.
  • Sufficient  air  circulation should be provided  so  that  the  plant  dries  within a few hours.  If  you are  displaying your plant  on  something with  restricted air  circulation,  such  as  a  shell,  make  sure  that the  plant is completely dry  before placing it back.
  • Airplants  will  benefit from the occasional long  soak  and  will take  up sufficient water  to fully rehydrate.  The  maximum time recommended for  a  soak  is  up  to 8  hours.
  • Airplants  do  best  with good,  bright  but  diffuse,  light.  With  sufficient light  your  plant  will  reach  its  full  potential.
  • An  occasional feed  is  beneficiaL  This  can  be  done by  adding a  few  drops of  an  Orchid feed  or  a  foliar  feed  into the water .
  • The  majority of Airplants will  not  tolerate  temperatures below 8C.  if  temperatures are  high  increase  the number  of  times you water  your plants.  
  • Your  airplants  can  be  grown  outside during the summer.  Make  sure  that  they  return indoors  before any  risk  of  frost.
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